Grishko Fouette Pointe Shoe

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Grishko Fouette Pointe Shoe

Grishko Foutte Pointe Shoe

Grishko’s  original  popular Releve model pointe shoe. 

The Fouette allows the Russian technique of "springing" onto pointe which develops a more elastic foot and teaches the concentration of balance of the body on one spot. 

The shoe has a V-shaped medium vamp and fits standard feet. The medium toe platform, similar to the  provides perfect balance and placement. 

The shoe is entirely handmade and is preferred by dancers who who wish to feel closer to the floor.

This is an excellent shoe for fuller or wider , square shaped feet. Also a good choice for shorter toes, toes of even length, and wide feet with normal heels.

The Fouette is known for it’s outstanding durability, as confirmed in  American Journal of Sports Science

If the dancer likes this shoe but wants something quieter and somewhat more flexible she should try the Fouette Pro Flex M or H (Please note this Pro Flex is not nearly as flexible as the 2007 Pro Flex)

Size: 1 - 8.5


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