"When I got my first pair of pointe shoes, there were only three makes to choose from! Now there are so many. When the time came for my daughter to get her first pair of pointe shoes, there was so much choice and so many different brands and styles. But along with choice, comes confusion so it was essential to have Karina's expert advice. She fully understands the needs of the dancer, from the absolute beginner to the more advanced, professional dancer. Karina takes the pain out of pointe every sense of the word! 

4 dance is the first place I go to for all my dance wear needs. They are understanding and knowledgeable as well as fast and friendly."

Bonnie Langford


"I can't thank Karina enough for all her expertise,care and attention when fitting my daughter's pointe shoes. She always takes her time until she has found the correct pair. I was recommended to 4 dance as my daughter had been suffering with knee pain for some time. Karina immediately concluded that her knee pain was due to ill fitting pointe shoes and she knew exactly what my daughter needed to wear, also suggesting spaces to avoid futher problems. The service to have the ribbons sewn on and the pointe shoes darned is invaluable. I will always take my daughter to have her pointe shoes fitted with Karina. No one else has ever taken such care to make sure that the pointe shoes are fitted correctly which allows my daughter to dance with freedom and confidence.

I feel quite strongly that a lot of girls are not wearing the correct pointe shoes which is a worry as their feet could still be growing. I continually hear about the problems experienced by other dancers and always recommend my friends to Karina.

Thank you Karina. My daughter continues to be free of knee pain due to your continued patience and expertise in choosing the correct pointe shoes."

Jane Howard